A whole new level of customer interaction!

A whole new level of customer interaction!

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Main features

You enable chat bots to communicate with your clients without forcing them to expect a manager connection

Widgets for site
Auto answers
User base

Widgets for site

You can easily add widgets of our messengers to the site, so that your customers can immediately ask their question and get an instant answer.

Our chat bots have a common base of answers and rules for all instant messengers. You no longer need to create chat bots through different platforms and connect them to the site. Enough! Now everything is in one place!

Auto answers

Do you value your time? And the time of your customers? The functionality of the JoinChat service allows you to instantly give answers to the most common questions, and immediately offer them the appropriate services or redirect them to the manager. No more "cold" calls and chats - chatbots will do everything for you, the future will be for this.

Our experts are constantly improving the system of recognition of questions, therefore the accuracy of the answers reaches 94%. Say impressively?

User base

Having a full analytics on hand will never prevent any entrepreneur. A list of recent actions in chat rooms, a purchase history, which instant messengers are more popular, and which ones that are lagging behind your audience are all based on which, you will support the strategy of interaction with customers.


Direct sales. There is nothing more to say. I asked the chatbot, I got what I wanted, I paid for it.

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Some statistics

92 Chat Bots Created

11 Man in support

3 Messenger

19 Man in command

Best Advisor in Ukraine

96% Satisfied customers

  • Total functions 48
  • Cases more 40
  • Customers 78
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Customer reviews

Some words from our customers

Vladimir Khrulenko

CEO & Co Founder in Sayerlack

It works quickly and without failures. Thanks for the bots!



People began to turn more often. Convenient widget on the site.


CEO faberlic-action.com

It feels like people couldn’t write before without widgets. Thanks JoinChat!

Need only mail

Very quick registration for new customers